The 5 Best Places to Park in Wellington When You're Working at Bureau

If you drive to central Wellington along State Highway 1 - or if you come down Salamanca Rd from Kelburn, Northland or Karori - there are some great parking options.

If you're just coming in for a couple of hours, you may as well park on the street across from Radio New Zealand or anywhere along the Terrace. Casual parking costs $4.50 an hour between 8am and 6pm Monday to Thursday, and 8am-8pm Friday. It's free, with a 2-hour limit outside of those hours. Wellington City Council are pretty good at enforcement, so if you don't want a ticket, it's best to play by the rules.

If you need to get a good day's work in at Bureau, we've scouted the best parking buildings that offer early bird discounts and monthly parking. I don't know if it's a tribute to Bureau's affordability, or if we're not charging enough - but it'll cost you more to park your car than it will to have a dedicated desk in our shared workspace.

Here are the Top 5 places to park when you're working at Bureau. Scroll down to the bottom to for the map.

#5 Clifton Car Park

Clifton Car Park is run by the Wellington City Council, and it would be number our number one, except that it's so popular you have to go on a wait list to get a monthly park. If you get lucky, it's just $245-$365 a month. The lowest cost option. Some parking is uncovered, and covered parking has a clearance of just 1.95m. So if you're a basketball player, you may have to stoop.

#4 Prime Parking Gilmer Terrace

5-11 Gilmer Terrace is a boutique car parking spot that will take all your charm to get into. It only has 9 parks, they're only available by the month.

We love Prime Parking because the rates are great ($80/week) and they have an awesome Park N' Go app that makes it easy to, umm, park and go - and it brings in an additional feature that is going to rocket another Prime Parking spot all the way to #1

If you're coming from northern or western suburbs, it's not so great because it requires a tricky entry/exit onto the top of Boulcott St. There's also a 250m walk uphill to Bureau. Or downhill back to your car!

#3 Wilson Parking Plimmer Tower 2

Plimmer Tower 2 is Bureau co-founder Arthur's favorite building. He drives into Bureau from Miramar - so it's most convenient for him. Monthly rates are available on application, but Arthur does the $18 day rate (in by 9.30am, out by 7).

#2 Wilson Parking James Cook Chancellor Hotel

The James Cook is basically across the road from Bureau - and if you're coming from State Highway one you can roll directly into and out of this building without making a turn. In fact, if you fail to step on the breaks at the end of the offramp, this is where you'll crash.

Early bird rate is $19 with a distinctly late bird deadline of 10am (out by 7). Monthly parking is available.

#1 Prime Parking Cable Car Lane

Don't be fooled by the title. Our winner is actually located at 139 The Terrace. Bureau's at Level 1/ 158 The Terrace - so it's close. It has single and multi-entry early bird prices (thanks to that beautiful app) and it offers reserved and non-reserved monthly parking from $95 + GST per week. And you're likely to be able to nab a spot.

So in short...

We need to charge more for dedicated desks. 24/7 access to your own space in Bureau's shared office, plus the Wi-Fi, printing, tea, coffee, milk, lockable storage, a meeting room, showers and everything else that comes with it starts at $399/month. And you can join online here.

So while you're beavering away productively, it'll cost you more to stash your car.

Scope it out like a Tui flying high over Wellington's city center

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