Workspace Solutions for Independent Contractors and Remote Workers

Retreat from the Bustle 

Love the idea of not working from home or a cafe? Think that coworking would be better without ping pong interrupting your flow? Yeah, we're with you. 

At Bureau, we’ve kept the workspace work-oriented.


Wellington is already a veritable playground with plenty of coworking and shared office options for breaking out, so we’ve created a quiet, focused sanctuary where you can achieve your daily goals, uninterrupted. 

Modern Workspace

Let Us Take Care of the Basics, So You Can Do What You Do Best

Sick of over-caffeination and spending up large just for the privilege of sitting at a noisy cafe because you need WiFi?


Not to mention awkwardly avoiding eye contact with cafe staff.


At Bureau, all you’ll need to bring is yourself and your work - we’ll take care of the coffee, milk, WiFi, storage, and more. 
Go on, book a tour and see for yourself.

Girl in Modern Workspace

Eliminate Time Zone Issues With 24/7 Access

Working across multiple time zones? We get it.  


Lots of remote workers in New Zealand can get their stuff done during the New Zealand working day, but we know that this doesn’t always work when your company is located offshore. 


Using your smartphone as a key, you’ll enjoy 24/7 access to our workspace, meaning you’ll be able to attend that 3pm regardless of the time zone it’s hosted in. 


Ultra fast Wi-Fi


Shared kitchen

& common areas


Free coffee 

& tea


Meeting and conference

room access


Bike storage & showers


Printing and scanning

What Do You Need To Get The Job Done?

I'm only in town for a day or so


I'm based in Wellington and work remotely part time

$249 and up

I'm based in Wellington and work remotely full time

$399 and up

I'm based in Wellington and work remotely after hours

$69 and up

I'm intrigued! Can I have a look around?

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